Christian Counseling (Free)

I believe that personal or family issues are best resolved with the light of God’s Word, and that is the purpose of Christian counseling. Light dispels darkness. Many, many times over the years I have seen dramatic instances of deliverance — emotional, physical, and spiritual — when the Word of God is believed and acted upon.

There is no charge for counseling services.

Christian counseling is done over secure video, using, which is a secure, industry standard video-conferencing tool.

To request counseling, please email:

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed counselor. I do have extensive counseling and life experience. I have taken counseling training and have many years studying and practicing Biblical principles.

Also, since I live in the State of California I would be legally limited from providing certain types of counseling if I was a State licensed therapist, such as regarding SB 1172. This Bill is particularly hypocritical in light of the coordinated push at almost all school grade levels to introduce gender/pronoun-confusion, among other activities — which the parents many times have no idea the school is doing and wish to explore further. I believe anyone has the right to be counseled by the guidance in God’s Word and should not be limited by a government.

Since I believe that the truths of God’s Word provide the best kind of help to children, teens, and parents, I have focused my attention there.

Thank you and have a blessed day!