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Are you a ‘phobic?

People throw labels on others: ‘homophobic’, ‘transphobic’, maybe even ‘gluten-phobic’. Or perhaps being called a conspiracy theorist or accused of not being politically correct, or they may censor you.

Somehow the right to have one’s own opinion or to respectfully disagree has been lost. Do we blindly accept what people or the main-stream media say is right, or normal? Where should our standards of thought and beliefs come from?

We have a God-given right to our own thoughts and opinions — right or wrong, whether they agree with the trend of the week or popular news channels. Jesus Christ was constantly attacked by the religious hierarchy yet did that make him wrong? The Apostle Paul wrote books of the Bible, given by revelation to him from God, while in prison in Rome.

Learn about being conformed vs. transforming!

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  • Romans 12:2
  • Psalm 119:45
  • Jeremiah 34:17
  • 1 Corinthians 10:29
  • Galatians 2:4